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(D)angling for sense

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Let's see if I can talk a bit about a very common grammatical error that many of us make, which sometimes have unintended comical consequences.

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What is a dangling participle?

Put simply, a phrase in a sentence that is rather like an orphan, trying its best to forge a link with the rest of the sentence. Despite the best intentions of the writer, a dangling participle can end up confusing the most astute reader. An example: "Being a sunny day, I decided to go for a walk." So am I the sunny day here? A more coherent construction would be: "As it was a sunny day, I decided to go for a walk."

A classic and some ripsnorters

Even the Bard wasn’t immune to this! “Sleeping in mine orchard, a serpent stung me.” (Hamlet)

A few more sparklers, for good measure:

  • Walking down the cliff, his smile went brighter.

  • Born in India, his most famous work is Geetanjali.

But the last word on this has to be a pearler that I came across in a letter of regret to one of the innumerable job applications I made in a past life: "After careful consideration, you have unfortunately not been successful on this occasion." Huh! Talk about victim blaming!

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Jackson aidan
Jul 02, 2022

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